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Hi, my name is Therese Marie Augusta, and I have spent the majority of my career assisting people just like you as a Technical-Trainer and Marketing Consultant.  I have provided a multitude of services to my clients ranging in desktop navigation, hands-on technical training, consulting on best practices to help get you get started in learning how to use today's technology to your greatest advantage.  I have additionally been providing graphic design and customized marketing solutions for several years.   I have been enormously successful in assisting my clients in conquering their fears of technology and helped them to gain the confidence they need to utilize this equipment for their highest and best use.  In turn, this has helped them stay connected with their colleagues, clients, customers, friends, family and peers. 

I have also provided graphic design and marketing services, ranging from everything such as logo design, to website consulting.  I have a background in Visual Communications, and an exceptionally vast knowledgeable of desktop applications and technical expertise which has allowed me to offer my clients specialized services in a multitude of fashions, customizing my freelance expertise to assist you in a variety of ways...the possibilities are endless.

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