Desktop Support & Specialized Marketing Solutions
Customized Marketing Solutions And Hands-On Technical Training

Our service offerings are completely customizable to suit your needs.  The two main categories we specialize in are Marketing Solutions and Technical Training.

Specialized Marketing

  • PhotoShop (Graphic embellishments of photography for digital format or hard copy of photos)
  • Video Photo-Montague for multi-media video slideshows
  • Brochure Design
  • Business Cards
  • Logos
  • Website Design Consultation 
  • E-Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Database Management
  • Personalized Note Cards 
  • ....Specialized marketing solutions to suit your needs
Desktop Support

  • “Desktop Diagnosis" - tailoring your specific needs to the machine you currently own
  • "Desktop Consulting" - if your needs aren't being met by your current machine, let me build one for you, or update your machine to make it more efficient at an optimized rate
  • "Desktop Navigation" - Simply figuring out what programs you have on your current computer and teaching you the basic functionality of these applications
  • Downloading pictures off digital cameras
  • Teaching you how to upload, save, store and e-mail picture files
  • Social Networking Website assistance such as FaceBook
  • Data Back-up assistance and storage options for your important files

Service Offerings

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